How We Help

Infectious Disease Associates is a private practice group offering expert and personalized patient care for the broad spectrum of infectious diseases. We use advanced diagnostic testing, up-to-date research and constantly evolving medical therapies.

We are the primary group offering inpatient Infectious Disease consultations to the East Jefferson General Hospital. We provide outpatient Infectious Disease services through our office.

We also work with the East Jefferson General Hospital Wound Care Center to provide wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapies.  

Inpatient Consultations

We provide inpatient Infectious Disease consultations for East Jefferson General Hospital.

Patient Advising

We provide treatment for a wide variety of infectious diseases. We give caring, compassionate advice to patients regarding disease diagnosis and treatment.

Outpatient Care

We offer outpatient Infectious Disease consultations and arrange for courses of I.V. antibiotics that can be administered at home, in skilled nursing facilities or at infusion pharmacies.

Wound Care

We offer wound care treatments and Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments through East Jefferson General Hospital Wound Care Center.

Patient Testimonials

Our History

Infectious Disease Associates was established by Dr. Frank Joseph Rabito, Jr. and Dr. Diane M. Failla. We have been offering Infectious Disease services to Jefferson Parrish and the greater New Orleans area since 1999. 

We have been a part of our community for decades and have continued to offer our services through some of our areas most trying times, including Hurricane Katrina.  Our practice has continued to evolve through multiple epidemics, including HIV and more recently as a crucial contributor to patient care throughout the Covid 19 pandemic.  

Our office is proud to offer tailored, compassionate patient care for the broad range of infectious diseases. Our personalized, expert patient services include inpatient hospital consultations, outpatient services including office consultations, outpatient infusions of intravenous antibiotics, wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapies.