The most important aspects of medicine for me are ensuring that patients get the highest quality of medical care possible, while creating a relationship of trust and shared decision making.  I strive to have patients fully understand the infections they are being treated for and all of their options of care, allowing them to make educated decisions to guide their therapy.  I care about my patients and their well being, and work to provide them with the very best outcomes from their treatments.
I first became interested in infectious disease while studying Zoology at University, learning about microbiology and infectious pathogens.

After college I volunteered in the Peace Corps as a health worker and  came to appreciate the special relationship between a medical provider and their patients. I had the opportunity to treat tropical diseases and HIV in a resource limited setting, this is when I decided to be a physician. 

Throughout medical training I found the intricacies and complexities of infectious organisms and the disease states that they create endlessly interesting.  After Internal Medicine residency I then completed an Infectious Disease fellowship, studying a broad range of infections including pneumonias, infections in the brain, bone, intra-abdominal infections, post surgical complications, HIV, hepatitis and parasitic infections.

I spent years working with a large medical organization in California. My family and I then moved to the New Orleans area in December 2019, and I joined the Infectious Disease Associates.  I work at the East Jefferson General Hospital, part of the LCMC Hospital group, providing Infectious Disease hospital consultations along with my colleagues.  I offer outpatient clinics where I treat a broad range of infectious diseases in our office, overseeing home IV antibiotics as needed in addition to treating HIV patients.  I also work at the East Jefferson Wound Care Center, where I treat a broad range of wounds needing debridements, topical treatments and antibiotics. I am also a Hyperbaric Oxygen physician and oversee patients undergoing HBO therapy. 

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